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  1. Hi I’m having spelling problems and reading problems and must get help. The computer spelled all the word for me. I’m in 8th grade and I don’t know 3rd grade spelling and can’t read well.

    1. Abigail Marshall, Webmaster

      Have you talked to your parents about your problems? There definitely is help for you, but you will need support from your parents to get it.

  2. hello my name is Alex, Im 40 years old. and I been having laernings problems all my life, I was the trouble maker in the school, stay sit is a torture for me, I have to read 10 times to understand, even reading this web pages was difficult, I beileve my problem is deslixia or something like that, Im living in manhattan new york, please coudl you help me

    1. Abigail Marshall, Webmaster

      Alex, a Davis Facilitator can help adults of any age, so the best way to get help would be to contact a facilitator directly. You can use the map and links on this page to find a Facilitator near you: https://www.davismethod.org/loc/new-york

      Note that facilitators who have the tag “Online Pilot Participant” by their name are currently able to offer full online services.

  3. I live remotely in Alaska with my four youngest kids. My adult son, myself, 15 yo and Sn 10 yo are dyslexic. 10 yo shows every sign that he is, he has other disabilities also. My 15 yo was never tested and given the diagnosis but follows in my oldest and my path so far. However last years IEP the psychologist said, wow he really is dyslexic, did u know this? Finally! A professional told me what I already knew. I taught myself how to study in a way that worked well for me for ten years if college. I was a very early reader, 4 yo but read my moms medical boooks.. once in college it all clicked, made no sense at age four. My oldest and 15 yo started to read around the same age. But to themselves, out loud iit was as hard as it is for me. My oldest went to mainstream school and my 15 yo went to a waldorf charter school from grade 1-5. So, he had a beautiful experience with a different way to learn. However, we became homeless and had to leave the school. We live very remote and I’m attempting to homeschool. I still believe in the waldorf phylososphy and am striving to get that life style back. I don’t mind incorporating more “mainstream” ways of learning for my 15 yo. However my 10 yo went to half a year of waldorf kindly and one year waldorf first grade. He is developmentally younger then my 6 yo. One diagnosis is globally developmentally delayed. So along with the dyslexia signs recalling what was done the prior day usually doesn’t happen. He cannot read but can recognize some words used often, like the state name. They both still reverse the same letters. And I haven’t started word math with him yet. That isn’t a huge part of waldorf curriculum..
    How can I get them both tested? Would it benefit or hinder or do nothing for them if they were tested? What materials can I find, online i live near a village with a very old store with basic necessities. That could assist them both in moving forward at their own pace, encourage them that they can do it. And isn’t just workbook pages? Hands on manipulative are a plus! Or a resource with ideas on materials they can make to use? Again I am nit against more mainstream, or classical assistance for my 15 yo. Even a online course, or school that will help him move ahead in becoming something he wants to become. I have all about reading level 1 I was goimg to start with the 10 yo, unless another reading program can be recommended? I was told this one was intended for children with dyslexia.
    Also, learning o. The pe. With a manual typewriter. Long ago (it’s. All. We had way back then. Helped me a lot, would a typing program help either? Finger typing on an iPad is not typing! Can u recommend one? Also, does insurance, tricker for life assist in buying materials with a diagnosis and getting them diagnosed?
    Thank you

    1. Abigail Marshall, DDAI webmaster

      Leslie, have you read the book, The Gift of Dyslexia? See https://www.dyslexia.com/book/the-gift-of-dyslexia/

      The book explains our approach to dyslexia, and reading the book would be the best place for you to start. You could then explore various options.

      • If you want to try Davis methods in a homeschool setting, you could order a Davis kit and related supplies like extra claly from us, at https://shop.dyslexia.com/
      • If you want to homeschool but feel you need more help and information, you could consider attending a Gift of Dyslexia Workshop — that will give you a more in-depth understanding of the Davis approach — you can find more information about workshops at our events site, at https://www.davistraining.info/
      • You can browse the listings of Davis Facilitators on this site, and consider whether it is feasible to travel with either of your sons for a Davis program, or whether you can find a facilitator who can come to you. A Davis facilitator will provide appopriate screening before accepting either of your son’s as a client. It sounds like the program would be good for your older son, but is possible that your 10-year-old’s global delays would mean that he would be better served by a Young Learner’s program.
    1. Abigail Marshall, DDAI webmaster

      Davis providers can work with cilents of any age, including older adults. Please use the map or location index on this site to find a facilitator near you that you can call.

  4. Hello,

    I, am Iona, from Mumbai, India. I have been working with children with dyslexia and writing problems. I am looking forward for resources to help children overcome this hurdle.



    1. I’ve struggled with dyslexia for 30 years. I recently got an office job at a doctors office and keep flipping numbers and letters. Which is detrimental to my job since these numbers are very important in a doctors office. I love my job but feel I’m incapable of preforming efficiently and accurately.

  5. Hello,
    Can a 5 year old boy in kindergarten start with the Davis program, when we see he has clear dyslexia issues, his mother recognises it – as she also had it and he is starting not wanting to go to the kindergarten as he feels he is behind his friends in reading and writing?
    Best regards,

    1. Abigail Marshall, DDAI webmaster

      Age 5 is too young for the program depicted in the video in this page (Davis Dyslexia Correction), but we have a separate program called the Davis Reading Program for Young Learners that is geared to younger children (age 5-7) and their parents. With that program the mom would work together with a Davis facilitator and her son, usually spending half-days with the facilitator over the course of two week. The facilitator would help the child learn the basic Davis tools, while at the same time guiding and coaching the mom so that she would be able to continue working with the child at a home, in a fun and playful way.

      This program is described here: http://www.davismethod.org/davis-programs/

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