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  1. Hello,
    Can a 5 year old boy in kindergarten start with the Davis program, when we see he has clear dyslexia issues, his mother recognises it – as she also had it and he is starting not wanting to go to the kindergarten as he feels he is behind his friends in reading and writing?
    Best regards,

    1. Abigail Marshall, DDAI webmaster

      Age 5 is too young for the program depicted in the video in this page (Davis Dyslexia Correction), but we have a separate program called the Davis Reading Program for Young Learners that is geared to younger children (age 5-7) and their parents. With that program the mom would work together with a Davis facilitator and her son, usually spending half-days with the facilitator over the course of two week. The facilitator would help the child learn the basic Davis tools, while at the same time guiding and coaching the mom so that she would be able to continue working with the child at a home, in a fun and playful way.

      This program is described here: http://www.davismethod.org/davis-programs/

  2. Hello,

    I, am Iona, from Mumbai, India. I have been working with children with dyslexia and writing problems. I am looking forward for resources to help children overcome this hurdle.



    1. Abigail Marshall, DDAI webmaster

      Davis providers can work with cilents of any age, including older adults. Please use the map or location index on this site to find a facilitator near you that you can call.

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