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The Davis® approach is a highly effective, non-traditional suite of programs for dyslexia and other learning differences. Davis methods give individuals the tools to use their inherent, natural strengths to overcome specific areas of academic or workplace difficulties.  The method was developed by Ronald D. Davis, after a breakthrough discovery enabled him to overcome his own severe dyslexia at the age of 38.  Based on his research with other dyslexic adults, Davis opened a center in California in 1982.  He continued to explore and refine his methods working with hundreds of clients, and twelve years later, in 1994, published the first edition of his book, The Gift of Dyslexia. 

After publication of the book, Davis developed a formal program to train professionals to provide the dyslexia program, and over the years also developed standard protocols for programs aimed at resolving difficulties with mathematics and attention focus, as well as programs geared to individuals on the autistic spectrum.  There are now hundreds of qualified Davis facilitators providing programs in dozens of languages in more than 45 nations, who collectively have worked successfully with more than 80,000 clients.  Davis professionals work with individuals of all ages, from children as young as age 5 to senior citizens past the age of 90.

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An Overview of the Davis Approach

https://youtu.be/3rO8TuNKbro Axel Gudmundsson , Davis Trainer and Director of DDA-Africa, explains why we view dyslexia as a gift and covers the basics of the Davis approach.
Davis Method Explained

Davis Method Explained

Dr. Angela Gonzales, Davis Facilitator and Davis Autism Facilitator/Coach, explains the ideas that support Davis methods.


Davis Program Standards View or download DDAI Official Standards for all Davis Programs Davis Program FAQ View or download Answers to Common Questions about the Davis Programs and Working with Facilitators
Qualities common to all Davis Programs

Qualities common to all Davis Programs

Our Distinctive Approach to Learning Summarized


Answers to common questions about Davis programs. Research, program cost, and many more.

For Detailed Information about Davis Methods, visit www.dyslexia.com

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