Upper Case Alphabet

Our Approach:

  • Individualized: Davis programs are always given in a one-on-one context, with a highly-trained licensed Davis facilitator working directly with the person receiving the program.
  • Strength-Based: Davis programs are geared to the inherent learning strengths and abilities of the learner, and provided in a way compatible with the person’s preferred learning style.
  • Short-Term:  The facilitated portion of Davis programs are designed to be completed within a short time, typically over a period of 5-10 days scheduled closely together, with daily sessions of up to 6 hours per day.
  • Mental Skills Training:  All programs include instruction in basic Davis tools for mental and perceptual focus, stress reduction,  and self-regulation of energy levels.
  • Creative Learning Strategies:  Each Davis program also includes a set of specific learning techniques targeted to the areas of difficulty addressed within each program.
  • Meaning Based: Davis programs rest on mastery of the meanings of words and important life concepts.
  • Self-Empowering:  Davis programs are given to individuals who are willing and self-motivated, and will be able to continue to use the tools and skills learned in the program in their daily lives.

Our Materials:

  • Clay: Every Davis program uses a non-hardening, plasticine clay as the primary media for exploration and learning. Clay is tactile, 3-dimensional,  readily available, and requires the creative participation of the learner.
  • Koosh Balls: We use simple, playful exercises with tossed Koosh Balls to reinforce Davis mental skills, improve balance and coordination, and strengthen neural connections between brain hemispheres.
  • Dictionary: For reading and mathematics, we use dictionaries as a primary starting point reference for word meaning.