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Dr. Angela GonzalesDavis Facilitator and Davis Autism Facilitator/Coach, explains the ideas that support Davis methods.

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  1. I have several friends with children or adults that have autism. Is there a book explaining how to help persons with autism?
    We are in southern Cook County Illinois.

    1. Abigail Marshall, DDAI webmaster

      Solie, the book Autism and the Seeds of Change at listed at https://www.davismethod.org/resources/books-and-kits/ explains the Davis Autism Method. It is not a how-to book, but rather it explains the history of the Davis approach and then goes over the full program. It is intended as a resource for someone considering the program, or for family members or teachers who are working with someone who is following the Davis program with a licensed Davis Autism Facilitator/Coach. Also, the Davis autism program can be done as a coached program, with the facilitator guiding and helping the person who is working with the autistic child or adult, rather than working directly with the child.

      There is a licensed Davis provider in the Chicago area — see https://www.davismethod.org/loc/illinois for listing information.

      1. Abigail Marshall, DDAI webmaster

        This site lists all licensed Davis Facilitators worldwide. Unfortunately, there currently are no providers in Pakistan.

  2. I’m looking for Davis facilitators in the Seattle, WA area. Can you please let me know how or where to go?

    Thank you very much!

    Lara B

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