Davis Standards of Practice

As part of the Davis Dyslexia Association International certification training process and licensing agreement, all Davis providers promise to adhere to the following Standards of Practice: I support the idea that all human beings have innate potentials...


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Programs Offered

Unless otherwise noted, the providers on this web site are qualified and licensed by DDAI to provide services for dyslexia, math, attention focus, and other similar learning difficulties.

Some providers can also provide these additional services:

Classroom Support – Davis Learning Strategies

These professionals can give workshops and/or provide mentoring to teachers and schools interested in implementing Davis strategies for primary level children (age 5-8) in a classroom setting.

Autism Spectrum – Life Skills

These individuals have completed extensive training with Davis Autism International and qualified to provide the Davis Autism Approach or related services geared to enabling individuals on the autistic spectrum to participate fully in life.