As part of the Davis Dyslexia Association International certification training process and licensing agreement, all Davis providers promise to adhere to the following Standards of Practice:

  1. I support the idea that all human beings have innate potentials and different learning styles that need to be recognized, exercised, and honored.
  2. I will treat my clients and students, regardless of age or intelligence, with respect, honesty, and kindness.
  3. I will maintain the professional image, integrity, and content of the Davis® Programs as taught in the Facilitator Training Program when representing, describing, marketing, or providing the Davis methods or correction program.
  4. I will include as part of every Davis® Program I provide, the materials necessary for the client to continue use of the Davis tools and complete program follow-up.
  5. I will maintain the confidences of my clients except in cases where harm may occur to them or others.
  6. I will not advocate or recommend the use of drugs or duress for the treatment of learning disabilities or differences.
  7. I will never promote, or allow an understanding, that the Davis procedures are a cure or panacea for any physical or psychological condition.
  8. I will clearly differentiate (in writing and/or verbally), and provide separately, Davis® programs from other therapies or professional services I may offer.
  9. I will only provide the Davis® Programs or procedures with a person who is willing.
  10. I will do my best to stay informed of advancements, research, and literature related to dyslexia and the learning process.
  11. I will keep my representation of Davis Dyslexia Association International and the Davis procedures free from any political, religious, racial, or ethnic influence or bias.
  12. I will, in cases of disagreement or dispute with anyone employed or licensed by DDAI, first seek an amicable resolution through direct discussion, prior to engaging in any activity that could damage the public reputation or image of DDAI.
  13. I will require these Standards of Practice to be maintained by my employees and representatives when they are representing the Davis methods or program on my behalf.