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Axel Gudmundsson, Davis Trainer and Director of DDA-Africa, explains why we view dyslexia as a gift and covers the basics of the Davis approach.

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  1. Hello, I have an 8 yr. old granddaughter who is having reading problems. I read The Gift of Dyslexia and I was wondering if a professional with the Davis method could help her. How long are your programs? What is the cost? Thank you.

    1. Abigail Marshall, Webmaster

      A standard Davis Dyslexia Correction involves about 30 hours of one-on-one work with a facilitator, usually completed over the course of five consecutive days. The program does also included support training for family members and follow-up services. Facilitators set their own fees and costs can vary in different regions. You’ll find more detailed info here: https://www.davismethod.org/about-davis/documents/

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