What is Dysgraphia?

mistakes in handwritingHandwriting problems can occur among those with both good and bad coordination, those who can draw well and those who can’t, those who have missed out on systematic handwriting instruction and those who have had too much of it.

Dysgraphia (handwriting problems) can occur for a variety of reasons. The lack of one single cause of these problems can be confusing to educators wishing to offer help. Only in a minority of cases can handwriting problems be corrected by handwriting instruction; and in some cases, handwriting instruction can make the problem worse rather than better.

The Davis approach to dysgraphia correction evaluates at least seven reasons why dysgraphia can occur in an individual before embarking on an appropriate course of action. In many cases, the cause can be addressed effectively through application of Davis techniques.

Children whose writing is not progressing at school can be helped by the Davis methods, as can adults who rely on handwriting for their work.

Adapted from www.unlocking-learning.co.uk/dysgraphia (Davis Facilitators – Unlocking Learning Ability)